Blockchain marketing, psychology and DeFi

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The Cryptocurrency Informer has released two new episodes this week. For those who aren’t familiar with The Cryptocurrency Informer, it is a podcast that explores the basic and advanced topics of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. We have two episodes every week: one in which we discuss with experts crypto topics, and another one with the most relevant news and events in the crypto space during that week. We do this to make sure our audience stays informed and up to date on the crypto space.

Our guest this week was Trekk: writer, public speaker, podcast host, storyteller, and head of Trekk Smart consulting, who joined our show to share his experience as a consultant and a consumer in the world of cryptocurrency. We also discuss the role psychology plays in cryptocurrency adoption, and how over-marketing to early adopters can alienate them. Plus, what it means to be a “pro” in the world of crypto!

Regarding our 6-min news/stories episode for the week we decided to focus on DeFi. On the episode we discuss what is DeFi, and share related stories, including a bug that made a minimum wageworker a lot richer, and a major exchange’s attempt to compete with yield farming.

Find the full episodes here!

With Trekk

Crypto News

Full disclosure, I work for the Bitcoin Taxes team where we produce this show, If you find that this content is not relevant for this subreddit please let me know. Not trying to spam anybody. I just thought it would be valuable for the community. It is a quick way to stay informed on a weekly basis and to hear meaningful conversations with our fantastic guests.

Stay tuned for more updates next week!

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