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DeFi Indonesia is a community to foster #Decentralized Finance movement in Indonesia. This community is committed to DeFi / Open Finance education and knowledge sharing in Indonesia local community, serving 264 million people. It also encourages and promotes DeFi usage and development throughout collaboration. We are challenging to current DeFi community problems that most of DeFi activities and developments centered around developed countries such as the US and Western Europe whereas low visibility and exposure in developing countries. One of the core values of DeFi is it’s permission-less entry where anyone even those who cannot access to traditional finance can interact and enjoy the power of finance. This situation is relatively more severe in emerging countries. For example, in Indonesia there are still 66% of the population are under-served to banking access. Currently main challenges in Indonesia is that very little people know DeFi in Indonesia. Thus we as a DeFi Indonesia would like to drive awareness of DeFi in wider Indonesian local community. ■ Objectives Spreading awareness of DeFi to a wider community Facilitating collaboration and development of DeFi Growing together for nurturing a helpful community  ■ Our Activity #DeFi Indonesia consists of mainly three activities 1. Event and conference  Event and conference is an offline grassroots movement strongly aligned with the aforementioned purpose. Events cover education focused seminar for DeFi newbies, collaborative development activities such as hackathon or hands-on workshop. We have recently held a pilot education event for local community with a support of MakerDAO. Video can be found here. https://youtu.be/o4dwmflSx0k 2. Online DeFi forum  Online forum is where people learn and teach each other, share exciting DeFi news and some useful information and discuss anything DeFi related topics. We have already our telegram group. 3. DeFi educational materials in bahasa Indonesia  Educational contents and newsletter is crucial for #DeFi Indonesia in order to reach a wider audience for more and better understanding on DeFi in Indonesia. Currently there is almost none DeFi information served in Bahasa Indonesia and not so many people are literate in English in Indonesia. With this fund we will make educational materials. ■ Fund usage With this fresh fund, we would like to start creating our own website and DeFi education contents in Indonesian language in order to cater to local community. It will explain fundamental knowledge about DeFi and help new learners gain a right information about DeFi. Fund is used for paying remuneration to contents writers and translators and website hosting fee. ■ Members Our members are experienced in community building. Mayato Hattori is a founder of DeFi Japan and is used to work at OmiseGO as a community manager of blockchain community space in Tokyo. He also helped coordinating local side of Devcon 5 in Osaka last year. Danny Taniwan is a blockchain evangelist in Indonesian local community. He has been helping many projects and dedicated into crypto education and regulation in Indonesia. He is also a founder of Cryptowatch, local community for learning. Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out me on telegram (@mayatoh).