DeFi Winning ‘Bullish’ Fans, But Ethereum’s ‘Crown’ In Danger – Report
The Digital Currency Group has suggested that the DeFi movement could one day outgrow the blockchain network it was primarily built upon – Ethereum – and claimed that its founders were “more bullish on DeFi than on its current technical underpinning,” namely the Ethereum network.

Defi Projects That Will Succeed
Source: Adobe / bestforbest The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem went through an exponential rise this year, rising from $1 billion to $11 billion in 2020. Many investors have greatly profited from this sudden and unexpected rise, participating in all sorts of token swapping and yield farming protocols. However, the good times could last only so long. In the end, a majority of

USD 1m in Limbo as DeFi ‘Rookie’ Sends Funds To Wrong Address
Somebody sent more than USD 1 million to Swerve Finance contract today, with the Cryptoverse initially presuming that the sender would never see their money back. As it turns out, the fortune (pun intended) might be smiling upon the sender at the moment.

DeFi Darling Ampleforth Crashes as Unique Feature Burns Traders
After an epic rally in June and July, the grim reality has now dawned on traders trying to profit from moves in ampleforth (AMPL), as a unique feature of the hyped DeFi (decentralized finance) protocol is burning traders who didn’t pay attention to crucial details in the coin’s technical design.

Bitcoin DeFi Startup Atomic Loans to Launch Lending This Summer
Atomic Loans, a provider of non-custodial bitcoin (BTC)-backed loans, has had a “great start” with their borrowing service, while the lending side of the protocol is expected to go live on mainnet in two months, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Matthew Black told