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October 17, 2020
  • Decentralized Danger: Is the DeFi Boom Killing Off Altcoins? | The Daily Hodl

    11:40 PM
    It’s fair to say that 2020 has belonged to DeFi tokens. The performance of and widespread excitement for assets like Uniswap and Compound had captivated investors, with many currencies ...
  • DeFis

    11:38 PM
    昨天的文章提到我们进入 DeFi Token 时代,基于 EOS 生态的 DeFis 今天也上线了,慢雾也同步发布与 DeFis 达成安全战略合作,并且 DeFis Swap 通过安全审计。Continue reading on Medium »
  • Decentralized Danger: Is the DeFi Boom Killing Off Altcoins?

    11:33 PM
    However, with investor attention firmly turned to DeFi projects and smart contract platforms like Ethereum and Cardano, it’s become clear that a …
  • The DeFi space is exploding in 2020.

    10:36 PM
    2020 has been a dramatic and powerful year for the cryptocurrency space as a whole: Bitcoin’s crashes and surges, waves of new users, and…Continue reading on Medium »
  • Here’s why DeFi and decentralized exchanges could grow even more

    8:00 PM
    First and foremost, Ethereum layer-two scaling solutions and layer-one solutions are starting to come online after months and years of development.
  • Polies: the Defi protocol and related ecosystem

    5:40 PM
    At present, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are still in the early stage of rapid development, and there is huge room for future…Continue reading on Medium »
  • Top 5 Tools To Optimize Your Foray Into DeFi

    4:48 PM
    This means that their decentralized lending protocol will allow you to lend and borrow tokens on both Ethereum and Binance chains. 0 reactions.
  • Welcome To Value DeFi

    11:26 AM
    Product and Ecosystem SummaryContinue reading on Medium »
  • DeFi Losing Investor Interest?

    11:11 AM
    Google Trends recorded a decline in the number of searches related to the decentralized finance market. This may indicate a tipping point in the DeFi life cycle.
  • How to join the DeFi Pulse Leaderboard

    10:48 AM
    DeFi and the greater crypto ecosystem are experiencing an explosion in 2020. TVL has grown more than 10x since March, new projects with novel distribution models and incentive mechanisms are ...
  • “DeFi can solve this” or is it too soon to tell?

    9:33 AM
    Bitcoin took a 3% hit as OKEx announced the temporary suspension of crypto withdrawals on 16 October. Reports state that the exchange is being investigated by the Chinese police, however, ...
  • Uniswap biggest DeFi Crypto Exchange

    5:23 AM
    Amid the boom seen in DeFi Cryptos, Uniswap seems to have registered its mark.
  • How to use over 30 DeFi protocol

    2:48 AM
    Many often hear about decentralized finance or DeFi for short, and how this sector is able to lead to incredible profits with minimal…Continue reading on Medium »
October 16, 2020